Innova NW has provided design and installation services in the Pacific Northwest for over a decade. Our expertise includes automated control of audio, video, lighting and shade control, security systems, and connected home wiring. Based in beautiful McMinnville Oregon, we have completed hundreds of projects from the Govenors’ Mansion to school systems to wineries to the finest homes.

We approach every project regardless of size, with the same level of detail and focus on fulfilling every requirement and delivering a solution that is personalized for your home. Our advanced products are ideal for retrofits of existing homes and businesses, as well as new construction. Whether you are interested in a media room, hidden indoor-outdoor music system, lighting, or surveillance and security system, we have the products and expertise to create your vision.

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In 2017, the Governor’s Mansion was still utilizing 20 year-old technology for perimeter intrusion detection and camera systems. Governor Kate Brown was now occupying the mansion and they needed to increase security so that the Dignitary Protection Unit and Oregon State Troopers were better able to protect the Governor. This required systems that could be integrated to work together under a single point of entry (UI) and be fast, reliable and effortless.

INNOVA utilized our partnership with Avigilon ( to create a unified platform with a single interface to manage the connection between perimeter detection, including microwave-based motion detectors, on-fence vibrator sensors, and cameras to provide real-time feedback on where any intrusion might happen.

Further, we deployed infrared thermal cameras to determine the presence intruders shrouded by shrubbery or trees that traditional cameras wouldn’t be able to detect and deployed cameras with built-in analytics to determine if a human or vehicle was in an unauthorized area. By installing cutting-edge security technology, Innova was able to bring the Oregon Governor’s mansion into the 21st century.