System Monitoring

Safety and well-being are paramount at your building or site. We are licensed and trained to ensure your building and your people are fully protected. We install mass notification systems to provide information and guide customers to safety.

We start with reliable smoke and CO detectors in all necessary locations. Next, we add water sensors to key areas, such as under the break rooms, in bathrooms, and near water pipes in the basement. These sensors send you an alert if there’s a leak or if a pipe bursts.

Other sensors detect temperature swings, both high and low. It’s equally problematic if your air conditioning breaks in August or if the heat stops working in February—and pipes freeze then rupture.

Our temperature and water sensors stay on high alert to let you know if a problem is detected. Sensors are included with your building control system. These sensors send an automated text message to you and your designated repair company when something breaks down.

system monitoring

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access control

Access Control

We provide efficient and secure access control systems to help you overcome the limitations of physical key systems and the expense of re-keying entryways.

smart buildings

Building Automation

Our smart building systems interface with existing systems, from access control to intrusion detection, providing seamless monitoring and control of your entire facility.

Commercial Fire Alarms

The Innova team provides expertise to integrate fire safety in your buildings, and keep your building up to state code.

distributed audio

Distributed Audio

From background music to paging to video conferencing, our sound solutions can cover any function for corporate, office, and commercial settings.

Emergency Paging

Elevator phone systems, nurse call paging, communication in parking areas, visitor and staff entries, and multi-line command centers for larger buildings.

Infrastructure and Wiring

We specialize in the design and installation of structured cabling systems for new construction and existing corporate infrastructure, whether your network involves five computers or five buildings.

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Lighting Control

Our McMinnville smart home device experts design and install flexible, scalable systems that fully integrate lighting, shading, and sensors to protect your property and maximize energy savings.

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Motorized Shades

Regulate daylight in commercial spaces with a shading solution designed to optimize comfort and lower energy costs.

networking and wifi

Networking and WiFi

Innova NW provides a top-tier data wiring and networking package that fully enables your building or site.

security systems

Security Systems

Engineered for reliability, simplicity and easy access, our customized security solutions safeguard your business from burglary, power outages, and service interruptions.


Surveillance Systems

Our surveillance systems have helped hundreds of customers protect themselves from public safety threats, fraudulent liability claims, and profit loss.

video systems

Video Systems

Whether it’s videoconferencing capabilities, an integrated presentation system, or interactive collaboration technology, we are your video display resource when you need to enhance your video experience.

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