Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Simply complete our AutoPay request form and you are on your way to paying your bill automatically.

If you feel more secure calling in your request, simply call our office at 888-472-6306.

NOTE: Our staff checks each account daily for trouble conditions and responds accordingly. Customers with can sign-up for monitoring text/email alerts for activity notifications.

Yes! We install a variety of home security and smart home technology solutions. Our projects are unique to each space, and we can build a great package that includes many technologies. For example, the 2GIG GC3 Panel, Radio, (3) Wireless Door Sensors, (1) Wireless Motion Detector and (1) wireless smoke detector have been bundled together in past installations. All non-proprietary hardware installed by your local business.

You should test your home security system often to make sure that it is in good working order. To do so you will want to put your account into test mode by calling our monitoring office at 888-445-3367. Simply let them know you are testing your alarm. Then, arm your alarm system and once it is fully armed, open doors, walk in front of motions and ensure that the alarm goes off.


Call our office during business hours at 888-472-6306. You may also request service online. You can also check our online manuals page for additional support.

Innova headquarters is in McMinnville, Oregon. Our wide range of services reach from the coast to Central Oregon to Southwest Washington.

(If you live outside of this general area we are currently servicing, please reach out to the Innova team so we can discuss your security and smart technology needs.)

Disarming your alarm system within 10 seconds of the alarm will automatically cancel the false alarm.

When your home security alarm is activated, one of our trained monitoring representatives will call you. Simply verify your account number and passphrase and let them know it was a false alarm. You may also proactively call the Monitoring Hotline to notify them of the false alarm. Just call 888-445-3367.

Innova allows you to download your systems user manual easily:

For additional support, check our Customer Support page or dial 888-472-6306 and we’ll provide whatever training you need. If necessary, we can schedule someone to come out for a personal training session.

Yes! Your home security system is equipped with battery backup, so your system will continue to protect for several hours after a power failure. Also, with our eAlert system, you will be quickly notified of power failures if you are away.

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