Functional and Reliable Commercial Security Systems

Innova NW has planned and engineered functional and reliable commercial security systems for hundreds of facilities across a diverse range of industries.

School Districts

Your top priority is maintaining a safe learning environment for your students.

Innova NW cares about keeping your students safe. Whether we are deterring theft with surveillance cameras or monitoring fire systems, we make sure your school district chooses the safest path forward.

Project Snapshot: McMinnville School District

McMinnville School District (MSD) needed to improve security efforts. Innova NW provided a flexible, best-in-class commercial security system that was easy for their staff to use.

Innova NW helped the MSD staff understand the features—and how the new system integrated with other critical systems so they could make better decisions about future equipment purchases.

Healthcare and Assisted Living

We understand with running a healthcare or assisted living facility – saving time and saving lives is top priority. Innova NW provides HIPAA-compliant security systems that support management and patients, whether you are a multi-site assisted living facility or a full-scale hospital.

Nurse call and paging systems, video surveillance, and Wander Guard/GPS tracking protection are just a few of the ways we make your administrative processes more efficient so you can focus on patient care.

Project snapshot: Brookdale in McMinnville

Utilizing premier access control and surveillance technology, Innova has protected the residents and short-term guests who visit this pristine facility.

Commercial and Industrial Construction

What matters to you? Saving time and resources, and having impressive security technology on your commercial sites.

Innova NW specializes in designing and installing structured cabling systems for both new construction and existing infrastructures. Our low voltage integrator services include everything from surveillance to network/WiFi, so logistics are handled for you.


Safety and compliance are critical for your government entity.

Innova NW modernizes your security systems while adhering to compliance requirements. We install electronic access control technology with a complete audit trail so you increase security and gain visibility.

Project Snapshot: Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde (CTGR) set out to change their disjointed security systems in twenty buildings.

Innova NW unified CTGR’s antiquated systems—intrusion security, fire alarms, and access control—with user-friendly non-proprietary equipment. Now CTGR has web-based integrated security systems that can be managed remotely.

Multifamily Communities

Safety and compliance are at the top of your list when multiple residences fall under your care.

Innova NW invests in the market’s most advanced commercial security technologies and stays on top of compliance codes and multi-housing development trends. Our experts ensure your site has integrated and remote-accessible systems that meet your increasingly complex needs.

Project Snapshot: Vancouver Landing

Vancouver Landing wanted to reduce fire alarm monitoring costs and modernize their guest entry and access control system so they could manage everything remotely.

Innova NW built a comprehensive strategy to integrate commercial fire alarm systems in 13 buildings. The Innova team also installed the clubhouse theater audio and video system, card accessible guest entry and call system at the main entrances.

Cameras were added to increase resident safety at entryways, workout centers, recreational areas, and the main office. Property managers can easily administer these systems without being on-site.



Whether you operate a single family-owned business or a large franchise, risk management is your top concern.

Innova NW offers intelligent business security systems that help owners and managers gain full visibility into daily operations. By having all of your business data available at a glance, you can make rapid and informed decisions to protect your business.

Project Snapshot: Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s knew the important role of commercial fire alarms and video surveillance systems in protecting their business and employees across 20 locations.

Since every restaurant had unique needs, Innova NW tailored surveillance systems at each location. All restaurants are now easily monitored by management, helping reduce theft and workers’ compensation claims.


In the heart of Oregon’s Pinot Noir wine country, business owners take pride in their meticulous business plans to develop quality products. Our team mirrors these values.

Project Snapshot: Abbey Road Farm

In order to safeguard their renovated horse arena, the owners at Abbey Road Farm entrusted Innova to customize a burglar and fire alarm package for the 82 acre farm, bed & breakfast, and event venue. Additionally our team designed an extensive audio system throughout the venue, which is impressive to visitors for a wide range of events. 


Protecting your cannabis operation matters most to you.

Innova NW protects grow facilities and dispensaries from theft and burglary, with services like 24/7 monitoring and installing intrusion/security systems. Our team takes the time to learn the ever-changing OLCC and OHA regulations to keep you informed and make sure you have qualified commercial security technologies in place.

Your Satisfaction is Our Highest Priority​

When you work with the Innova NW team, we always consider your facility’s unique goals and needs. Experience matters—we offer expertise and education throughout your project to make sure you feel satisfied with our approach and the end result.

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