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Making Portland a Safer Place

Located in the Portland area, Innova NW cares deeply about our local community and is proud to provide innovative solutions for our customers security needs. Our team of experts have the extensive experience required to ensure a job is executed properly in a way to meet the goals of our clients. Specifically, we service projects such as residential homes, businesses, school districts, multi-family living complex’s, and countless other types of properties. We are passionate about making the Portland area a safer place to be for you, your family, and your business.

Byway Apartments

Safety is always one of the highest priorities in everything we do. When it comes to your own personal living situation, or even being in charge of the safety of multiple properties, safety undoubtedly remains at the forefront of your mind.

Innova NW is consistently researching the top-of-the-line equipment for ensuring the highest level of safety possible. We stay up to date on the latest technology so you can feel confident that you’re receiving the best security systems and service in the industry.

Project Snapshot: Byway Apartments

Installing a security system at Byway Apartments was a recent project executed by our team. We successfully installed a effective surveillance and access control system around the complex and worked with the client every step of the way to ensure their satisfaction.

Our team at Innova NW designed and deployed a multi-building wireless radio

network that was custom made for this project. Working in tandem with this radio system, we also installed a video surveillance system in order to provide the client with audio and video surveillance of the property around the clock. These systems are easily accessible to property managers and allow for constant, thorough surveillance and peace for all parties involved.

Additionally, we also designed and installed a guest entry and access control system to add another layer of security to the Byway Apartments. This ensures an additional level of protection on a physical level for the residents of this complex.

Vancouver Landing Apartments

At Innova NW, the safety of you, your family, your neighborhood, and your business are always at the forefront of everything we do. We want each of our clients to feel satisfied with the level of care of consideration they receive from our team throughout the entire project process.

Project Snapshot: Vancouver Landing

Our client, The Vancouver Landing, came to us with the goal of reducing fire alarm monitoring costs and modernizing their guest entry and access control system. The main reasoning behind this was so that everything could be managed remotely, giving the property managers 24/7 access to the property’s systems.

Our talented team at Innova NW composed a comprehensive strategy to accommodate The Vancouver Landing’s goals. This plan involved integrating commercial fire alarm systems in 13 buildings across the property. The Innova team also made improvements to the property by installing a clubhouse theater audio and video system. Additionally, card accessible guest entry and call system units were installed at the main entrance, creating a higher level of security for the entirety of The Vancouver Landing.

The team at Innova NW also installed security cameras throughout the property in order to increase resident safety in some of the most populated areas, such as entryways, workout centers, recreational areas, and the main office. One of the major benefits that this installation introduced to The Vancouver Landing is that property managers can now easily access and administer these systems without being on site, simultaneously granting more freedom and more security.

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